Untitled 2021

Ongoing project, silver gelatine prints, each size A3.

These silver gelatine prints were edited with a (digital) brush. The etchings were created with a digital brush from a blank white page to a new image. Additionally, the text Ces copies a stone? pierre? fruit? a planet? planète? is a compilation of found newspaper cuttings. (It is an open question from different organisms). It is a hybrid of several media. ( collage, scanning techniques, and the (digital) brush).

A sketch is not an incomplete drawing, not less than something else.  What intrigues me is the curiosity of the image. It is like several media through which the sketch is made.

The images and the words (also read as a image), which are collected from found newspaper cuttings. Ask questions about their origin.

Installation images from Autumn is the New spring, Institut De Carton, Brussels, 2021, © Henri Jacobs.

Details from Untitled, 2021.