Dirk & Bert, 2014

Dirk & Bert, 2014, loose-leaf publication, printed on different papers, pages 48.

Dirk & Bert (2014) is a book about loss, time, and memories. Everything is built from my personal archive of my family. I placed photos in a small sketchbook (A5). These collages I have then scanned and placed them in a series in the order of the small book. When printing the book itself, the material of the paper was very important. The book is printed on various types of paper, which allowed me to play with transparency (lime paper) and texture. It is a sequence about my memories of my brother and father, who have both passed away. The project starts not with the idea that I wanted to make some kind of ode, but a memory is something instant and changeable. It escapes us. The book contains a lot of information.  A stream of images in the form of collages, where every time you turn a page you see every time one turns a page the person or the image passes by. It's a train of recollections. They are highly variable and impervious. It's personal and very changeable.

Video Fragment book Dirk & Bert, 2014.

Details of book Dirk & Bert, 2014.

Installation view Photo Belge fotomuseum Antwerpen, book Dirk & Bert, 2014.