Installation: 2 HD projections on both sides of a wooden screen that is placed in a room, black and white, silent, Nighthawks 27:34′, On A Hot Summer Day In November 22:26′, loop.

I feel like I'm in a ghost town.
I needed all my heroes.

No doubt, they're still gone.
My night fantasies...

They give me chills.
But seeking that one hero.
Trapped in that world, which is completely enlightened.

Not knowing when I might see them, I shiver. They are imaginary paths.
My nighttime fantasies.

I continue to wander in a haunted world.
Looking for that one hero. 
With them into a paradise, in a fictional route

I draw little scenarios on a regular basis. Sort of outlines of the everyday. These can arise from a personal life experience and from my own artistic practice to give a vision on the vague line between fiction and reality. My bases are dreams, fantasy, movement, chaos, the everyday, something you experience, the unconscious, ... They are daydreams, thoughts, connections in my mind. From this a new world emerges and is formed as the starting point of a new film.

The film Nighthawks 2017 (digitally recorded HD, '27:34, silent film) starts with an endless drive.  The atmosphere is dreamy. One world merges into another, to the rhythm of potatoes being peeled - icons of poverty and survival. The woman peeling seems in control, resigned to the aimlessness of her action. As we get closer to her, we notice how emotional she is - but the camera dances around her, approaches her and moves away. Recognition and alienation - the border between the two I like to explore.

On a hot summer day in November (2018, digitally recorded HD, '27:34, silent film) is a film between fiction and reality. It takes place between day and night. We don't know where we are. We enter a bizarre world, where figures appear without faces. In this world there is a lost person. This dream world contrasts with the images of the subway. Reality flashes back through the moving images and the shadows of passengers that appear. This is a dream story, or a nightmare. We are displaced from time and place. The sequence is one in which there is no time span. We lose contact. You get closer and then further. You wake up and you dream on. It's a journey through time.

Film stills from the Dyptich Nighthawks and On A Hot Summer day In November, 2017-2018.

Fragment video of the film Nighthawks, 2017.

Fragment video of On A Hot Summer Day November, 2018.

Fragment video of the film Nighthawks, 2017.

Fragment video of On A Hot Summer Day November, 2018.

The two videos add up to a story. The space is part of the atmosphere. I present the two videos together create a world of its own. Presented on two blocks, where the audience can walk around, sit down, a breathing space. The films play in a loop. Creating an atmosphere; a universe.