Artist statement

"There is the acceptance of ordinary reality, the known, and what is less familiar, the unknown: a spectacle of a visual conflict that excites me every day. The ignored plays an important role here, or what Sigmund Freud calls an "uncanny" experience.“

Little twists of the brain, small movements in the everyday that no one observes or the details that no one notices. Or a bizarre flow of images. These are all things that inspire me in the making of an image, a photograph, a sketch or moving pictures. The process is intuitive and associative. Creating my own world, or character come about by connecting this association that trigger me from experiences in everyday life. Usually the technique used is also what feels best at the time to create the desired atmosphere. The process to the technique is varied. Usually in the form of a kind of "collage". The slowness of observing an image how I also like to look at reality ( tiny details), are sometimes strange but on the other hand you come closer too. This is like a trip through another universe.   

I was born in Mechelen in 1987. After graduating from Sint-Lukas Brussel, I was invited for the residency programme at WIELS  in Brussels 2020. There I started with the development of a new film Movement Collage, in which I create a world of my own using 16mm and super 8 material from archives, but also my own material. By means of collage techniques and stop motion I enable blurring the boundaries of the different media. The slowness of the movement emphasises the process of viewing.

Selected exhibitions

Autumn is The New Spring, Institut De Carton, Brussels, 2021

The Young and the Beautiful, Kunsthal Gent, 2020

Vergeten Vrouwen, vrouwelijke kunstenaars ontdekken de collectie Kortenberg, Cera, Leuven 2020

Many A Moon, Recyclart, 2019


Photobook Belge, fotomuseum, Antwerpen, 2019

STATUES, collaboration with Renée Lorie, 2019

Jonge Kunstenaars, Sint-Lukas galerie, 2018

To Flower, to Flow, Luca Graduation Show, Sint-lukas Brussel, 2018

Mensbeeld, Breda Photo, Breda's museum 2016


WIELS, 2020

To Infinity and Beyond, Breda Photo, 2018

Master in visual arts, Photography department, Sint-Lukas Brussels, 2018
My work presented in publications

YOU, BredaPhoto, book, 336 pages 2016